The General Secretary of Fisheries visits the new OPMEGA fresh mussel processing line in Muros 

7 de November de 2023 Board of Directors

The General Secretary of Fisheries visits the new OPMEGA fresh mussel processing line in Muros…pmega-en-muros/tcm:30-664905


– This new plant packages the product in trays in a modified atmosphere, instead of traditional mesh bags, wich will alloow greater durability.

November 6, 2023.  The Secretary General of Fisheries, Isabel Artime, visited today in Muros (La Coruña) the new line for fresh mussels at the plant of the Organization of Mussel Producers of Galicia (OPMEGA). This new line, which has involved an investment of more than 1.3 million euros, will allow the mussel to be presented on the market in a way that is completely different from the usual plastic mesh bag format. The new packaging in trays will be carried out in a modified atmosphere and will ensure greater durability of the product.

Isabel Artime has highlighted that this is a very innovative project and an example of good use of European funds, which also projects a product that is very suitable for the new demands of consumers.

Artime has reiterated the very important role that Fisheries Producer Organizations (OPP) play in the innovation and valorization of products. OPMEGA was recognized as a national Fisheries Producers Organization (OPP) on December 30, 1986. Subsequently, and thanks to the entry of a Portuguese partner, it was granted recognition as a transnational OPP on July 5 2022. This is an aquaculture OPP that currently has 401 members and 633 rafts, distributed in the Muros and Noia, Arousa, Pontevedra, Vigo and Portugal estuaries.

Since 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has granted OPMEGA aid for the preparation and implementation of production and marketing plans for more than 8 million euros. Among the measures implemented by the organization, the start-up of two processing plants stands out. In addition to this new one that the Secretary General visited today, in 2020 she launched a mussel calibration and cooking plant in Boiro, with an investment of almost 2.8 million euros, which was later expanded with a line of frozen and packaged that required an amount of more than 1.8 million euros.