Seafood Expo Global Barcelona

25 de April de 2024 Board of Directors, Promoción

Seafood Expo Global Barcelona

Opmega boasts of sustainable product and practices at Seafood Barcelona

• The transnational organization returned to the international fair with its new packaging formats, which preserve the properties of the product for longer.
• The General Secretary of Fisheries, accompanied by the General Director of Fisheries Management and Aquaculture, held a meeting with the Opmega board, in which they discussed different current issues

Barcelona, ​​April 24, 2024.- The Secretary General of Fisheries, Isabel Artime, and the General Director of Fisheries Management and Aquaculture, Aurora de Blas, visited the Opmega stand at Seafood this afternoon, where they held a meeting with representatives of the mussel organization with its president, Ricardo Herbón, at the head, and they had the opportunity to try some of the recipes prepared by chef Miguel Mosteiro.

In addition to the innovations in product packaging – which allows the mussel to be preserved for longer with all its nutritional power -, the organization boasted of sustainability by presenting the results of the independent audit by Bureau Veritas that recognizes the contribution to carbon fixation through mussel farming.
The Barcelona Seafood Fair is one of the most important events worldwide in the fishing and aquaculture industry, bringing together professionals, companies and experts from around the world to share knowledge, experiences and business opportunities.

During its stay at the fair, Opmega presented its product and the new formats available in commercial surfaces, highlighting its commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation in the industry. The organization’s representatives actively participated in networking activities and gastronomic exhibitions, thus strengthening its presence in the international market.

“We are delighted to have participated in the Barcelona Seafood Fair and to have had the opportunity to present our organization to a global audience,” said Ricardo Herbón, president of Opmega: “This exhibition is an important meeting point, a reference at the international level. international and we are pleased to have contributed to its success.
The Galician Mussel Producers Organization took advantage of the Barcelona Seafood Fair to consolidate strategic alliances, explore new business opportunities and strengthen its positioning in the international market. In addition, the organization reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable practices and its contribution to the conservation of marine resources.

More about Opmega
Opmega is a Producer Organization (OP) with a transnational scope of action recognized by Order of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of December 30, 1986 (Official State Gazette No. 23, dated 01/27/1987) as the OPP-18 . Its partners are grouped in 12 delegations, distributed in the Muros and Noia, Arousa, Pontevedra and Vigo estuaries, as well as Portugal.