Conference “Mussel farming in mussel rafts: marketing and consumption trends”.

14 de May de 2024 Actualidad, Board of Directors

Conference “Mussel farming in mussel rafts: marketing and consumption trends”.

Opmega surrounds itself with experts to discuss marketing and new consumer trends

• The transnational organization brings together professionals from various sectors at its headquarters to address everything from marketing in the food industry to innovation as a solution to promote consumption
• The mayor of Vilagarcía, Alberto Varela, will be in charge of inaugurating the work day that will include the intervention of the Sea Councilor, Alfonso Villares at its closing.

Vilagarcía de Arousa, May 14, 2024.- The mussel market is experiencing a period of change and growth to which the members of the Galician Mussel Producers Organization (Opmega) are no strangers, as demonstrated by the theme of its day, focused this year on new marketing and consumption trends. From innovation in its presentation to its role in contemporary gastronomy, the mussel market is constantly evolving.

The result of an activity focused on sustainability and health promotion, the mussel maintains a leading position in the market but it is necessary to continue advancing to guarantee its future. In the midst of this panorama, marketing strategies play a crucial role in the promotion and commercialization of this appreciated product.




This Thursday, May 16, Opmega brings together several experts at its headquarters in Vilagarcía de Arousa who will discuss “Market trends in relation to mussel consumption”, “Success stories of marketing strategies in the food industry” and “ “Innovation as a solution to promote the consumption and marketing of mussels.” Three interesting blocks that make up a work session that will feature at the opening ceremony the mayor of Vilagarcía, Alberto Varela, and the deputy deputy director of Aquaculture, Fisheries Marketing and Structural Actions of MAPA, José Pellicer.

The closing will be carried out this year by the Minister of the Sea, Alfonso Villares, and the president of Opmega, Ricardo Herbón.

More about Opmega

Opmega is a Producer Organization (OP) with a transnational scope of action recognized by Order of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of December 30, 1986 (Official State Gazette No. 23, dated 01/27/1987) as the OPP-18 . Its partners are grouped in 12 delegations, distributed in the Muros and Noia, Arousa, Pontevedra and Vigo estuaries, as well as Portugal.